The Sun is an indispensable primary light source, which enables the visual perception of our reality. Humanity has adapted to its cycle and behaviour with the help of modern technologies. Beyond satisfying the biological demands and the needs of ecosystems, it ensures the operation of technological means, thus these devices are, in fact, transmitters of sunshine. By domesticating it and manufacturing it with its utilization in mind, the light becomes an instrument, thus we will be capable to use it in various fields and bestow it with new functions. As a result, artificial light offers an alternative for us and is constantly shaping our lives through the extension of the options for its application. Mostly illuminating digital screens make up our almost tactile rapport to light, so that it transmits visual surfaces as a medium and turns from an instrument into a primary information source again.

I examine light as a significant root of life and technology. In my work, I focus on understanding the rapport of natural and artificial light, and he presents this by using the potentials of photography for mediation.