Colors are essential in one’s life. They play an important role both in nature and in the designing of objects. Different type of colour codes can be found in most man-made objects, which make it more customer friendly and easier to use. Signs and warnings are almost unimaginable nowadays without colours (e.g. road signs, danger warnings, etc.). The black-and-white photographic material cannot perceive these signs, and thus can be compared to colour-blindness (discromatopsy), when the patient can only take in reality in greyscale. Even when seeing in full colour, our perception of the world can vary from person to person – semi- or full colour-blindness, however, provides a drastically different reality for the perceiver.

This is why in my series (based on a colour sight test) I would like to focus on objects which colours are essential, objects that, without colour, would partially or fully lose their function. Capturing these items, I try to demonstrate a colour-blind perception.